Vocal Tuning

In today’s professional music, it is normal to hear vocals that are tuned to perfection, even if the singer is a master at his craft. Listeners got so used to that perfect pitch and timing, that vocals that were not tuned can sound unprofessional. Of course genre, the song and the message play a big role in how intense the tuning is, if it’s tuned at all.

In other cases an extreme tuning is desired as an effect: the so-called auto-tune-, Sher- or T-Pain-effect.

In both cases, I can tune your vocals between the extremes: very loose and natural to hard tuned.

What I need from you

  • The stem(s) of vocal(s) in 44.1 kHz 24 bit or higher
  • Playback track of the song (.wav or .mp3, same length as the vocals)
  • your desired tuning level: loose, natural, strong, auto-tune effect
  • optional: if you have MIDI files or a lead sheet for the vocal line

What you get

  • Your vocal stem(s) as wave (.wav) file(s) in 48 kHz 24 bit stereo as a download

Fiverr Gig

here is a link to my fiverr gig according to this service:


(freelance service plattform)


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