Arrangement Boost

A good song has often more elements than a singer and a guitar for instance, but sometimes that is exactly what the song needs. For the first case I can support you with producing your song by adding elements that fit to the genre, feeling and message of your song. A clever arrangement can help your song to pop out of the masses and to feel more professional.

Here are just some examples how this can be done:

  • Adding vocal- / instrument-doubles
  • Adding a Baseline
  • Adding transitions between song sections
  • Adding synth / pads / ambience
  • Adding movement (auto pan, gated patterns, gain patterns, reverbs / rythmic delays as an effect, filter automation)
  • Adding accents with programmed orchestral instruments
    • functional arragnement
    • rythmic and melodic figures
    • unisono or octaves
    • raiser / tension with strings
    • what NOT: a film score or a full orchesta coposition 🙂
  • Adding “ear candy”
  • Adding FX (glitches, stutter)
  • Adding a choir (male, female, ahhs and uhhs etc.)
  • Adding a call and response pattern or counter melodies
  • Refinement of your adlibs and backing vocals: pitch shifting, formant manipulation, using a vocoder, using autotune, etc.
  • “Retrofy” elements in your song (vinyl, cassette, telephone, bitcrusher, 8-bit chiptune sequences and effects)
  • PS: if you need Drum Programming, see here

Let´s talk about your ideas, or if you need some new ideas, show me your song!

What I need from you

  • all stems of the song OR in some cases a mixdown can be enough
  • general direction of the song or reference songs
  • Ideas (if you already have some)

What you get

  • Stem(s) of the enhancement(s) as a download
    • wave file (.wav) in 48 kHz and 24-bit stereo

Fiverr Gig

here is a link to my fiverr gig according to this service:

(freelance service plattform)

Demonstration Video

Here is a video which demonstrates some of the excamples from above:


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