Mixing Input Checklist

  • all relevant stems in your delivery?
  • no clipping occured?
  • no artefacts or noise (if not inteded) in your stems? (otherwise re-recording or audio restauration is necessary)
  • all stems have the same length and are alligned to the same statingpoint?
  • is it raw material (no processing on stems or over master bus; if you commited to a sound, send with and without processing)?
  • No stem is muted and without sound? (hapens more often than you may think)
  • Is it in 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz 24 bit ot higher?
  • Is it in wave (.wav, lossless) format?
  • Are the stems without panning?
  • Are the stems named in a meaningful way?
  • All song information provided?
    • BPM of the song
    • Key of the song
    • direction of the song
      • a short description
    • reference song(s)
      • your own song(s), or other published song(s) (must be kind of similar regarding production, genre etc.)
  • Optional: send your rough mix, if you like
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