About me

  • I´m a tech nerd
  • I love music since i was a kid
  • I have a degree in computer science
  • I have a qualification as an audio engineer
  • My taste is genre independent – “good music is good music”
  • I´m playing guitar in a band
  • I´m playing bass guitar, keyboard and drums for fun
  • I´m writing music for bands
  • I´m writing music just for myself 🙂 (check SoundCloud and YouTube and music streaming services for FaderRabbit)
  • I´m a father of a 9-year-old son who is into music as well
  • Sometimes I do live mixing

Whats my goal

  • Help people to express what they want to say musically
  • Bring songs of musicians and upcoming producers to the next level
  • Support people who don´t have the time to spend hours and hours of learning technical stuff, mixing, plugins, arrangement tricks, but still want to have music they can be proud of
  • always keep learning for myself during contact with musicians and producers
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