A good balance between all elements of a song is key to having a pleasing listening experience.
I will mix the stems of your production using

  • a static mix (just gain and panning)
  • equalizer (frequency balance) and compression (dynamic control)
  • time based effects (delay and reverb)
  • saturation and distortion
  • deesser (control sibilants of vocals)
  • transient designer
  • exciter
  • clipper and limiter
  • automation (volume and other parameters)

to bring your song in good shape.

What I need from you

  • all stems of the song
  • a general idea how the song should sound like
  • optional: reference songs
  • optional: a rough mix
  • please read my checklist: checklist

What you get

  • A rendered mixdown of your song as a download
    • wave file (.wav) in 48 kHz and 24-bit stereo
  • A mixdown of a limited version (loudness around -14 LUFS)
    • wave file (.wav) in 48 kHz and 24-bit stereo
    • this is not a mastered version! It´s just for having a louder mix of your song to be compared to music mastered for streaming

Fiverr Gig

here is a link to my fiverr gig according to this service:


(freelance service plattform)


Pop Punk


FaderRabbit – Pretend Forever




FaderRabbit – Synthetic Concerto


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