Drum Programming

Not everybody can play drums or has an acoustic drum completely miked up and ready for recording in a perfect sounding room. But I can programm you some good sounding drum parts that gives your song a realistic foundation. If I do it by playing on my E-Drum set, my drum pads of my MIDI keyboard or by programming it via mouse depends on tempo, genre und needed perfection vs. human feel.

What I need from you

  • Playback track of the song (.wav or .mp3)
  • I you have already ideas: style and timbre of the drums (e.g. rushed, laid back, busy, cool, less/manny fills)

What you get

  • Stems of the elements of the drum as wave file (.wav) in 48 kHz and 24 bit stereo as a download
  • MIDI file with all the elements included

Fiverr Gig

here is a link to my fiverr gig according to this service:


(freelance service plattform)


Better Muted – Shut Your Face
FaderRabbit – Dubstep Metal Intro (Intro for a gaming video)
FaderRabbit – Time Striker

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